My Family at Bharat Tea Cameron Highlands

Cameron Valley – Bharat Tea Estate

Location: Ringlet to Tanah Rata Road & Kuala Terla

Cameron Valley

Cameron Valley or Bharat Tea Estate is located at the main road going up to Tanah Rata from Ringlet. It has great views of the estate from the tea and souvenir shop located around 5 km up from Ringlet on the main Tanah Rata road.

A pioneer business family of Cameron Highlands, originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. the Bharat Group of Companies established here since 1933, today comprises of a total of eight companies, of which Cameron Bharat Platations is the most renowed.

It is the second largest tea producer in Malaysia, producing Cameron Valley Tea which is synonymous with exquisite highland tea. Cameron Valley tea shop offers tea with cakes, scones with cream and strawberry jam, just the perfect accompaniment on a visit to the highlands. An audio-video presentation provides visitors a glimpse into what goes into making the perfect cup of tea.

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Bharat Tea Cameron Highlands

sebelum pulang ke Kuala Lumpur ada baiknya singgah di Bharat Tea menikmati pemandangan ladang teh buat kali terakhir.. cantik pemandangan disini sambil menikmati aiskrim malaysia berperisa markisa yang berharga RM1.50.. wow… mahalnya… dulu-dulu aiskrim ni berharha 10sen je satu… kahkahkah. pemandangan hijau cukup menawan mata. 


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